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Single-family house for a young couple

The house must respond to the difference in elevation between the front and rear of the solar. At the time of starting the project, there were some stone walls of the original construction, which had been knocked down because of the aging.


The project’s intention was to respect these remains and to act on them, by a renovation and isolation, for it we decided to work on the new walls with a new material – wood – so that renovation and new intervention remain completely separated.


The functional program is developed in opposite order to the circulation, on first floor bedrooms and on the attic, living and dining room.  The communication of these spaces is through a large space, from the ground floor to the attic, for which runs stairs, and that is closed by former stone walls that give continuity between the entry and living room. The living room is developed on the top floor in order to be able to enjoy of a cross-ventilation with a double orientation.

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