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Single-family housing renovation

The current owners represent the third generation from the same family that live in this house. In fact, the house was a commission from the current owner’s grandfather. This was charged with an implicit great emotion, trying to remember some of the sensations of the house.

During these years, some maintenance works have been done, but quite a renovation hadn’t been made in any case. The result was that the current house did not answer to the comfort and area needs that my clients required.

The house expire the maximum area allowed by the lot regulations, so it had to grow in vertical. For this, we empted the whole house and preserved exclusively the facades and the roof. This way, we could build a basement floor that did not exist and by adjusting the level of the rest of the floors, we achieved to make habitable an empty space under the roof that the old attic did not allow.

From a point of view based on the space, we decided to end with the fragmentation of rooms that the original house had, by projecting continuous spaces and playing with new light entrances. All the intervention has been made under the current concepts of energy saving and sustainability, by using natural isolating materials as the blown air cellulose in the walls and the wood fiber in the roofs.

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