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Dental Office Nácar with practice area and teaching and practising areas

When customers ordered me this project, they expressed special interest in the dental office does not look like a clinic but rather a place of relaxation lounges, anything that does not remind the customers, just by entering the place, that they were going to the dentist, because in the end there is more mind influence than true pain.


With this intention, we began to work first in the election of the premises, which should be in a grounded floor, with lots of natural light and with very high ceilings, allowing us to carry this natural light to all corners of the office, covering the entire space with the feeling to be into a movie, with almost burnt overexposure.


We worked with this intention, using different white tones light-reflecting, that mix different tones, and with curves that allow see different gradients of light on their surfaces at different times of day.

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