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Building rehabilitation and ampliation of 7 apartments

Initially, we decided to preserve the building and realize an integral renovation because it has a special valued street facade, as a support for a Miró work on pottery. The rest of the building presents the typical structure of a Barcelona’s ‘Eixample’, with the first and the last bay perpendicular to the facade and the rest between side buildings’ walls, leaving clear the central area for courtyards.


This responds in particular to the typology of houses near the corner without sight on the inner courtyard of the block, which is supposed to add a new courtyard to the centrals; result of this peculiarity is that we feel the need to give priority to the central courtyards.


The first consequence of this matter, is the decision to put the elevator inside the flats and, as there is only one per floor, he landed directly on the inside. The other consequence is to try to  increase the size of the courtyards without reducing the area of housing.


In the end it seems that the building is split into two pads separated by a central courtyard, crossed by a wide corridor with functions of study. The volume that is closed to the street hosts the area daily functions, - living room, dining room and kitchen - and in the rear volume we found the bedrooms.

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