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Twenty-two housing building

A town house with a nearly square plan and four housings on each floor. The square floor is formed by three rectangular pieces. The exterior pieces contain the housing and the interior central one has a big courtyard crossed by the ‘bridges’. The central ‘bridge’ is formed by the staircase and the communication corridor of the housing. The side ‘bridges’ contain the second room of the two bedrooms flats.


These flats are developed by flexible plants and clear spaces that with simple sets of slide-doors can give shape to different spaces according to the user’s need. On the ground floor we have projected developed housing with one floor courtyard. The main façade composition looks for a dynamic set of spaces’ disposition through the slide-doors, made of wooden slats, that slide over the framed with a fossil stone ‘passepartout’ square. The rear facade uses a similar language with slide-doors over the balconies.

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